An accounting audit fulfills the necessary function of ensuring that the company’s operations are functioning as intended.


Expert audit team

Leave your accounting audit in the hands of a team with extensive experience in the field.

Audit services performed by auditors for companies, not only result in an opinion on the true and fair view of financial statements, but from the proximity to the client’s systems, the auditor is in an optimal position to identify weaknesses in the audited entity’s system and provide additional added value, providing recommendations for the correction and improvement of internal control systems and other qualitative aspects within the development of the company’s activity.

An accounting audit not only examines whether a company’s financial statements are accurate, but also tests whether the company’s systems are functioning as they should. The systems that an auditor examines include the company’s internal controls, or the measures taken to reduce or eliminate accounting errors or fraud. Based on the results of an audit of accounts, auditors recommend changes the company should make to its processes or systems to eliminate problems and reduce errors in the future.


Our Services

At Fornell Assessors we provide a comprehensive advisory service:

  • Audit of individual CCAA
  • Consolidated Internal Audits
  • Interim Financial Statements Consulting
  • Limited Reviews
  • Review of Subsidy Justifying Expenses
  • Review of agreed-upon procedures
  • Operational Audits
  • Due Diligence
  • Special reports on capital increase processes
  • Special reports on capital reduction processes
  • Reports
  • Special reports on capital increase charged to compensable credits.
  • Expert reports on behalf of a party
  • Expert reports required by the government’s judicial authority.
  • Reviews and verifications of specific facts
  • Various collaboration services as accounting expert

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